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    Fred Kemmerer
    Fred Kemmerer

    Hi Everyone,

    We had our first Field Day planning meeting last evening. Present at our meeting were:

    • Tom Mahon, AB1NS – Safety Officer, Station Master
    • Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC – Acting Field Day Chairperson. Station Master
    • Anita Kemmerer, AB1QB –Scoring Chairperson and Station Master
    • Layne LaBaume, AE1N
    • Wayne Wagner, AG1A
    • Mike Rush, K1UV – Wire Antenna Chairperson (with help from Fred)
    • Mike Ryan, K1WVO – Tower/Beam Co- Chairperson, Station Master
    • Wayne Grant, KB1HYL – Tower/Beam Co- Chairperson, Station Master and GOTA Station
    • Don Risley, KC1CRK – Power Chairperson
    • Ellen Risley, KC1CRL
    • Aron Insinga, W1AKI
    • Merle Insinga, W1MSI – Food Chairperson
    • Dave Michaels, N1RF – Equipment Chairperson

    Thank you to everyone who attended! We agreed that a primary objective for our 2016 Field Day operation will be helping the new members of our club to get on the air and participate in the setup and operation of our Field Day stations.

    We began by looking at a satellite view of the Hollis-Brookline High School, the site secured for our 2016 Field Day Operation by Charlie Burrill, KC1ECE. The plan will be to setup on the upper soccer field. This area is elevated and should allow for light vehicle access for setting up. A visit to the site is planned for this coming Sunday morning. We will meet at AB1OC/AB1QB’s QTH at 10am on Sunday and we’ll head over to the High School from there.

    We also discussed our Antenna and Station plans for this year’s Field Day operation during the meeting and we worked out some of the leadership roles for our 2016 operation. The Chairperson roles that folks took on are listed above. All of the Chairpersons would be happy to work with additional interested members as co- chairs or helpers in any area that you might be interested in. There is also ample opportunity for additional Station Masters. If you are interested in helping us with planning of Field Day 2016, please post a reply to this message or contact Fred at [email protected]. We are also planning an on-line signup for folks who would like to help with the setup and operation of our Field Day station.

    We are planning to operate 100w stations in a mix of CW and SSB phone modes. We will also have a Get-On-The-Air (GOTA) station this year. We discussed the possibility of equipping the SSB Phone and GOTA stations for Digital modes as well as Phone operation. We are planning to try this with the understanding that the SSB and CW modes will take priority if interference problems emerge while operating using Digital Modes.

    We are planning a two tower setup with beam antennas plus wire antennas for the lower bands. The tower setups will use the club’s tri-band beams and will be sharable in a configuration similar to the one that we used last year. We will work out plans for the wire antennas after we survey the site this weekend. We are also planning a dedicated 20m wire antenna (probably a vertical dipole) for the GOTA station this year. This should enable a good operating experience from our GOTA station.

    We are also planning to have a 6m Station. Tom indicated that we’ll have a 100W radio to use along with the club’s 6m beam antenna this year which should make it easier for us to make contacts on the Magic Band this year.

    We are looking for a Public Relations Chairperson for Field Day. It would be great if the person who does this during Field Day could also help our club with Public Relations throughout the year. If anyone in our club is interested in helping us in this area either as part of our 2016 Field Day Operation or perhaps in taking this role for our club going forward, please reach out to me via [email protected].

    We are also looking for CW operators and some additional Station Masters for our CW stations. We would like to have the help of four or more people in this area. Mike K1WVO, Layne AE1N, and Fred AB1OC, offered to help find folks who can help us in this area. If you are interested in operating CW and/or being a CW Station Master, please contact Mike, Layne or Fred.

    Fred, AB1OC and Skip, K1NKR are considering a 70cm Digital ATV link for Field Day this year. This effort is in the early planning stages. If it works out, we would plan to transmit and receive live digital video as part of our Field Day operation.

    The possibility of including a Satellite Station as part our 2016 operation was discussed. If anyone in our club is interested in setting up and operating a Satellite Station for Field Day, please contact Fred at [email protected].

    We also discussed the need to provide training for newer members for our club around setup and operating during Field Day. We are planning to use our Tech Night session in June for this purpose. We will also plan to do some training as part of our Field Day Planning Meetings at the library as we get closer to Field Day.

    Our next Field Day Planning Meeting will be on May 2nd at the Nashua Public Library at 7 pm in the Media Room. We hope to see you there.

    - Fred (AB1OC)
    President, Nashua Area Radio Society
    Visit us on the web at -

    Aron Insinga
    Aron Insinga

    What does “tower setups will use the club’s tri-band beams and will be sharable” mean?


    - Aron, W1AKI

    Fred Kemmerer
    Fred Kemmerer

    Hi Aron,

    Our club members were very active in the WRTC competition a couple of years back. As a result, we were able to purchase two 40 ft towers with falling derricks. This setup is ideal for Field Day as they are easy to setup and take down. We also have several Yagi antennas include two tri-band Yagis which cover 20m, 15m and 10m. We also have tri-plexors and bandpass filters which allow each beam to be shared by 3 transmitters as long as each transmitter is on a different band. This means that the 2 towers and tri-band beams can support up to 6 simultaneous transmitters. We dedicate one tower to CW operation (up to 3 stations) and one tower to SSB (up to 3 more stations). This combination enables us to get to at least 6A quite easily. Add some wire antennas and we are at 8A to 10A for Field Day.

    - Fred (AB1OC)
    President, Nashua Area Radio Society
    Visit us on the web at -

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