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    Layne AE1N
    Layne AE1N

    Defunct Online Amateur Radio Publications – What’s Missing?

    Do your remember:

    1. 73 Magazine (2009-2011) – Who doesn’t. Some of the best technical articles plus Publisher Wayne Greens wit and wisdom – Wayne was a critical supporter of ARRL. I ran into him in the Nashua COSTCO parking lot a few years before he passed on. Boy, once I got on his mailing list, I was bombarded with incessant self-promoting emails. But I loved the guy…

    2. HamMag (2009-2010) – HamMag is another now-defunct free publication. Produced in Europe, this was a very grass-roots publication that had a wide range of topics and columns.

    These archives were collected by N5DUX and you can access them here:

    While you are at it, N5DUX has a wealth of other resources at his web site plus his blog:

    Projects, Documentation, and Tools

    Layne AE1N

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