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    Matt Sapienza
    Matt Sapienza

    hello from matt n1zgn last fall after I upgraded to general class I had yet to join narc yet and a friend john k4lsx came to my QTH to see what or where I would like the antenna to be relocated to  and he made some contacts with the a few member’s of narc  and a volunteer crew was put together too assist me accomplishing the task but as winter moved in as well as the cold weather that put relocating antennas on hold.. I contacted Charles kc1ece about maybe some members helping with same task  if any reading this knows john k4lsx he just had spinal surgery and is ot of rehabilitation and comfortable resting at home so if anyone reading this was contacted by john on my behalf about some  much need help relocating my 4 verticles a vertical/horizontal directional for 10 meters  on the actual roof of house and feel free to look me up on QRZ  there a really nice picture of the 2 of 4 that I like install on roof as I have permission to so  please contact me or if anyone is available at anytime on weekends I am home 24/7 my cell # is 1-603-948-8950 its on 24/7 or on 2 meters on 146.700 pl 885 located on saddle back mountain same as Deerfield only a much better more accessible repeater from Methuen mass into parts of  Maine   also if you should have a antenna analyzer that would really come in handy as the 10 meter directional needs to be adjusted/tuned as I have not a clue about it . also I will be net control for next Sundays (4/17) 10 meter forum net on 28.480 @ 2030 hrs (830 pm)   we had 4 check in’s on 1st net . I never been a N?C but my time in the national guard I spent hours on the singars  radios as a rto it was both fun and frustrating at the same time if that’s possible ?? so I do hope to hear more  check in’s on the 17th and thanks to k1wvo Mike for being N/C and to the 4 check in’s  Fred ab1oc . n1rf Dave . k1nob Paul.  and me n1zgn I really hope to more check in’s  on the net on 17th …73’s from matt n1zgn

    Matt Sapienza, N1ZGN

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