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    Matt Sapienza
    Matt Sapienza

    perhaps maybe I should of post my previous post about finding some volunteers that maybe available at your convenience to help me with some tuning of a directional antenna that both vertical/horizontal that needs to tuned via separate gamma’s with  a antenna analyzer for the 10 meter band also I have a 10 meter vertical and a x510 2/440 and a 1/4 wave 6 meter ground plane and a 2 meter only ground plane and I still need to purchase a 220 vertical and a rotor control package with rotor/control box with controller wire from channel master here where I really need assistance  with the use of a  antenna analyzer tune properly  tune the 10 meter directional antenna and  its intended location in center of the roof and the other 5 verticals on there as well . I have a 25 foot new Werner ladder and plane on purchasing a 40 foot 1 as well with roof hooks to secure the ladder to the roof with some type of bracket to make access to top of roof a lot easier . and will remain on the roof for future roof  excess to adjust as needed the guy cables in the fall to make sure they are adjusted before the winter time. and any help or assistance would very much appreciated and I’m very fortunate to have permission to do as far as installing antennas on the roof that was the 1st thing I did was secure permission from the owners I’m home 24/7 95% of the time feel free to contact me on my cell 1-603-948-8950 anytime that’s convenient for you I’m a late night person mostly on the nata/omiss 40/80 meters nets and any weekend is ok (my a/d is 114 palm st nashua  if you may like to recon the roof and talk and work out a plan of attack .my info on qrz is up to date as far as my A/D in Nashua 114 palm st please call me on my cell or on 146.700 pl 885 and thanks as I love to have this all completed before the leaves fall and way before any snow arrives 73  ‘s and thank you from matt N1zgn,

    Matt Sapienza, N1ZGN

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