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Craig Bailey
Craig Bailey

Hi everyone.  Sorry I missed the steering meeting this week.  I would like to volunteer to be on the transportation team.

In addition to an open bed pickup, I’ve got a 5×10 enclosed trailer (about 5′ headroom) that has a nice low floor.  I’ve also got an 8×12 enclosed snowmobile trailer (about 6′ headroom) with a ramp.  I’d obviously have to unload the sleds if that second trailer could be useful.   And finally, if a Heavy Duty equipment trailer (16×8) with a flat deck would come in handy… I can get that.

Being new to the club and this is my first Field Day, I’ll be better off in a support or logistics role than in an operators seat.

Once I see what cargo needs to be transported… tower sections, built Yagis, etc, Gas Grills, we can get a better idea of trucking needs.  ALso, how soon the site can be prepped, and if they will allow staging of equipment before Friday.

Thanks very much

Craig T. Bailey
N1SFT, Hudson NH

Craig, N1SFT

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