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Matt Sapienza
Matt Sapienza

thanks paul for sharing . I have similar intermittent electrical noise interference that is coming from a electric utility pole across the st after numerous calls to psnh they wasn’t able to find the source and I was able to after they could not. to explore or trouble shoot more as to it location I did as fred ab1oc mentioned to do as you did by powering up my 746 on a 12 volt battery I was only able to turn off 2 electrical breaker panels (mine and common for outdoor and hallway lights) so once my 746 was on battery power I turned off both breakers and had the radio af gain turned up loud so I could her it from the basement and was still receiving the electrical noise. it appears that when its raining the electrical noise is gone I did notice a not connected or cut ground wire at base of utility pole my guess is when there is precipitation/rain that the interference is gone . and at the present moment it is was 3 to 4 s units and now (1837 hrs 27 feb) on 27480 it is a s5 on AM on USB  its s2 to s3 but steady at s2 sometimes it peaks to s6 to s9 just not lately on sunny and warm days it is worse during the day and less and sometime o noise level. I do not appear to be getting any internal inference from my Comcast wifi modem located behind my hf radio. earlier in the previous week during a army mars exercise my complete station of 4 transceivers and computer and Comcast modem was all on generator power for 1st day of are comex. and I still received the electrical noise . 1 think that PSNH mentioned is the new electrical meters transmit out meter reading info as they just have drive to in front of residence and can get readings from each meter and it has been reported that there are some defective meters they have been a cause of some interference. as far as low pass filters? I do not have any at the moment I did as a precautions with the phone connections on modem I plugged in a filter Comcast gave me and I think I helped out some what. again paul thanks for sharing and mike k1wvo thanks for your story and yes I know you are sticking to 73s matt n1zgn

Matt Sapienza, N1ZGN

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