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Aron Insinga
Aron Insinga

Soon after I got my license, I found that the call with the ‘classic’ W1 prefix, and my initials as the suffix, was available, so I filed an application for a “vanity callsign” and changed my call to W1AKI.

Soon afterwards the World-wide Prefix competition came around, and I discovered that W1 calls were the least valuable ones in the entire world! Everybody had already worked a W1 station and didn’t have a big need to work another one.

I like my call sign, and I’m not about to change it again (I already got a hat with W1AKI on it!) but I do encourage people to think twice before changing their call (or at least before changing their call to one with a W1 or N1 or similar common prefix).

- Aron, W1AKI

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