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Jay Cohen


First, Fred’s talk last night was quite good on HF portable and mobile rigs.  There’s a lot of similarities to what I’m trying to do, and I found it very valuable. Thanks!

Tom, I’d love to take you up on the offer to borrow the meter.

I did run across one more article that I’ve re-read a few times now, and I think I’m convinced that 3 distinct sets of elevated radials might be in store for me.  Elevation at a few feet off the ground can be accomplished with 4 wooden sticks and a tie-off of the radial.  At 160M and 80M, they’ve found in the article (link provided at the bottom) that a length of LESS than 60 degrees of the WL or more than 120 degrees capped at 135 degrees  is optimal, and four of them actually performed better than more ground based ones.  My hypothesis is that this can be accomplished as well on the 10M, 20M and 40M bands using less wire, and within 14% efficiency of the many radials/counterpoise approach.

With this approach, on 10M and even 20M I should be able to get pretty close to the ’45 degree angles’ as the 1/8th radial lengths should be about 4 and 8 feet.  With an antenna about 7 feet off the ground on a tripod, that would be pretty easy.

Add that to a Yeasu 100W transmitter, and I think I’m in business.




Jay, KU1DU

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