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Armed Forces Day Crossband Test May 12, 2018

I always enjoy connecting with the military stations on the annual radio communications test. It is a chance to check the rig’s capabilities. And as always, I make a special chart and program the frequencies in my transceiver’s memory slots. That way I can quickly zip down the frequencies and check for activity using the chart below,.—Layne AE1N

2476012-24zCW+SSBWARDCPentagon Washington
22924.517-24zSSBNMC3CACoast Guard Island
2099716-23zSSBABHHISchofield Barracks
2099415-01zSSBABM2JapanCamp Zama
2099415-01zSSBADBOkinawaCamp Foster
20937.513-02zCW+SSBWUG-5TNArmy Corps of Engineers
2092013-01zSSBAACKYBarrow Army Reserve Ctr
2074012-24zSSBAIRVAAndrews AFB
1829313-02zCW+SSBWUG-4TNArmy Corps of Engineers
1829315-24zSSBNEPMCAUSS Iowa
1827216-23zSSBABHHISchofield Barracks
1821114-01zSSBNIIWCAUSS Midway
1754513-02zCW+SSBNSSMDUS Naval Academy
1580712-24zSSBAIRVAAndrews AFB
15740.517-24zSSBNMC2CACoast Guard Island
14663.512-22zSSBNWKJSCUSS Yorktown
1448713-02zCW+SSBNSSMDUS Naval Academy
1448715-01zSSBABM1JapanCamp Zama
1448715-01zSSBADBOkinawaCamp Foster
14463.515-24zSSBNEPMCAUSS Iowa
14438.516-23zSSBABHHISchofield Barracks
1441116-01zSSBAGA9TRCATravis AFB
14383.514-01zSSBNIIWCAUSS Midway
1399312-24zSSBAGA2SYNYHancock Fld
13963.513-01zSSBAACKYBarrow Army Reserve Ctr
13910.513-02zCW+SSBWUG-3TNArmy Corps of Engineers
1349812-03zSSBAFN4AFTNNaval Support Activity
944713-02zCW+SSBNSSMDUS Naval Academy
754516-23zSSBAGA5SCILScott AFB
754213-01zSSBAACKYBarrow Army Reserve Ctr
754217-24zSSBNMC1CACoast Guard Island
754012-24zSSBAGA2SYNYHancock Field
7533.513-02zCW+SSBNSSMDUS Naval Academy
7493.514-01zSSBNIIWCAUSS Midway
7375.512-03zSSBAFN4AFTNNaval Support Activity
736012-22zSSBNWKJSCUSS Yorktown
732916-01zSSBAGA9TRCATravis AFB
730512-24zSSBAIRVAAndrews AFB
6903.515-24zSSBNEPMCAUSS Iowa
5403.513-02zCW+SSBWUG-2TNArmy Corps of Engineers
5371.514-01zSSBNIIWCAUSS Midway
535716-23zSSBABHHISchofield Barracks
5346.513-01zSSBAACKYBarrow Army Reserve Ctr
5346.516-01zSSBAGA9TRCATravis AFB
5330.513-02zCW+SSBNSSMDUS Naval Academy
487216-23zSSBAGA5SCILScott AFB
457512-24zSSBAGA2SYNYHancock Field
451712-24zSSBAIRVAAndrews AFB
4043.515-24zSSBNEPMCAUSS Iowa
4038.513-02zCW+SSBNSSMDUS Naval Academy
4013.514-01zSSBNIIWCAUSS Midway
400012-22zSSBNWKJSCUSS Yorktown
330816-23zSSBAGA5SCILScott AFB
139616-01zSSBAGA9TRCATravis AFB

The Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) will sponsor the traditional military/amateur radio communication tests to mark the 67th annual Armed Forces Day (AFD) on Saturday, May 12. Armed Forces Day is May 19, but the AFD Crossband Military-Amateur Radio event traditionally takes place 1 week earlier in order to avoid conflicting with Hamvention. Complete information, including military stations, modes, and frequencies, is available on the US Army MARS website.

The annual celebration is a unique opportunity to test two-way communication between radio amateurs and military stations (authorized under §97.111 of the Amateur Service rules). It features traditional military-to-amateur crossband SSB voice, CW, practice using legacy interoperability waveforms, and the opportunity for participating hams to utilize more modern military modes, such as MIL-STD Serial PSK and Automatic Link Establishment (ALE).

An Armed Forces Day test message will be transmitted utilizing the Military Standard (MIL-STD) Serial PSK waveform (M110) followed by MIL-STD Wide Shift FSK (850 Hz RTTY), as described in MIL-STD 188-110A/B. Technical information regarding these waveforms is available. The AFD test message will also be sent at 0300 UTC in CW



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