Self-Driving Cars … Now Self-Hamming Radio!

It was just a matter of time … 2018 will go down in history as the Year Human Beings were eliminated from the ancient craft of Amateur Radio!   — posted by Layne AE1N

I don’t know which statistic is more impressive, so I will list them:

In 5 Months: 13,500 QSOs

One 40-watt transceiver

153 DXCC countries


Stathis Malikis, SV5DKL, has pertinent comments about the state of the FT8 mode debate.  He also provides these details in his blog along with information on how to set up your own FT8 BOT!


Technology marches on! Maybe the Nashua Area Radio Society can use QSO bots for Field Day and the 13 Colonies special event! — Layne AE1N

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2 thoughts on “Self-Driving Cars … Now Self-Hamming Radio!”


    “the greatest danger in modern technology isn’t that machines will begin to think like people, but that people will begin to think like machines.” — John Manning

  2. Layne,

    It is already happening. Just look at how many people have their heads down intently scanning their smart phones. English has already become a casualty; just look at the proliferation of emogis and misprints in newspapers and magazines. If we succumb to FT-bots, DXCC will become a real mess due to busted calls caused by inability of machines to discern between a real call and a computer mangling, hi.
    73 de TE

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