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International Amateur Radio Saves Life

A recent incident with a happy ending is summarized in the following press release translated from the German Press … Layne AE1N

Exceptional international help in an emergency

The Ortsverband Erding in the German Amateur Radio Club makes again talk about: The fact that radio amateurs worldwide connections can connect with other radio operators, is no secret. This hobby is practiced by hundreds of thousands around the world. Even members of the Erdinger Club keep themselves abroad and keep contact with their homeland. But now and then the interesting hobby becomes an emergency. So happened last Friday, when Lothar Fröhlich / DK8LRF and HK3JCL, also a member of the Erdinger radio operators, in Colombia just talked to friends in New York and Germany on shortwave and suddenly a cry for help was heard. Cheerful thought first, someone wanted to make it a joke and disturb the round, but he quickly realized that it was a cry for help of a known radio in Dingden on the Dutch border. What happened?

The radio operator, confined to a wheelchair for 49 years after a serious bathing accident, was alone at home and had fallen down and was unable to move. Since he is often talking to Fröhlich at the same time on a certain frequency, he had set this fortunately and also pressed the “VOX” button, so that the radio automatically goes on air when someone speaks. This was to his benefit, because he called for help with all his strength and was, as he later announced, about 5 m away from the microphone. Fröhlich immediately called on the frequency for German radio operators who should notify the rescue or the police. A Hamburg radio operator heard the announcement and immediately notified the police. At the same time, Fröhlich called for help from Colombia via his echolinking station in Isen. A radio operator from Eichstätt took up the call and for safety’s sake also notified the local police. This returned by return mail and confirmed that help was already on the road and remarked that such a thing had never happened to them before, that a call for help from Germany would be taken by a radio operator in Colombia and then land the emergency call to the police in Germany. The victim was helped quickly. He immediately thanked the helpers by radio.

(The event was also described in detail on March 6th in the Munich Merkur .)


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