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Ham Radio Across the Sea: CQ DX

        CQ DX Poem by Ray Andrews

CQ DX Poem Reposted by Layne, AE1N

Dials clicking Clocks a’ ticking
I’m calling CQ DX
The ham radio call
For anyone afar
Repeat: calling CQ DX

When a call comes in
Goosebumps on skin
Where will this call be from?

Listening static a low signal call
Beckoning in code to me
Another friend earned again
He’s/she’s way across the sea

Asia, Antarctica, Australia too
Hams are relatively few
Talking to each other the world over
Usually somebody new

Radio waves for exotic places
Chases down some local TeeVee
Instead of new friends, angry neighbors
Fingers pointed at me

Now in the phone and computer too
My wife says maybe she’s ex
Guess I’ll need to back way off
Of sending CQ DX

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