The Thirteen Colonies Special Event Soapbox

The Nashua Area Radio Club is a huge supporter of the Thirteen Colonies Special Event and we strive to represent New Hampshire in this event. It is not a contest but rather an operating event which has become hugely popular over the last Nine years. Attached is some interesting commentary about the event. You can see our results for the 2017 Thirteen Colonies Special event here. Layne AE1N

Excerpts from…

AE1N: If want to visit a true sampling of the TOP operators from the 13 Colonies, then listen to them on the air! They participate via invitation only!

KJ4YQK: Did a little research, I guess Special Event station is not consider a contest. Learn something new.

N8SAN: 40m I heard K2K 30min ago like he was next door. But I already had that state.
I could hear K2G ok.5/3 maybe, but had that state as well. I have a Mosley tri bander, BUT it’s a really low 18-20′ temporary mount, but I figured I SHOULD be able to hear them. When I’ve heard stations I’m able to make the qso quickly. Good thing this event goes on for another 6 days! This will be my first Special Event Certificate and I really want it! 🙂

WA6MHZ: I was most pleased with CW, got thru on the 1st call on all those! The Certs come out REMAKABLY fast!!! I was Astonished last year how fast mine came in. The day it came in I went over to Office Depot and bought a beautiful Wood Frame for it. Will do the same this year

K5AGE: Still wish I had my 100w rig. I got the clean sweep last year! Only ham award I am proud enough to display in the office.

K2DFC: The 13 Colony stations need to spend some time on 75/80 meters when the skip is short. Even 40 during the day is to long to work the close in states. When this started on Sat. I couldn’t hear a peep out of Del, MD, CT,MA, or RI on 40. Had to get them on 75.

K2HAT: Got my Clean Sweep, Thank You to all who get on the air for this Special Event.

Pat I agree, Awesome, I was able to use an adif file to populate the information!!

AA0CW: I sent off QSL cards and sase to every station I worked because I thought it would be neat to have their QSL cards along with the certificate. Well except for K2L. What’s up with that?

K1FBI: Right up there with Apple Pie and Chevrolet. Next year remember there are people in New England, even some in your own State trying to make a contact. Also, if you are going to call region numbers at 10 minute intervals per number, be kind enough to say this is your last go around. Sitting there waiting for you to go from 4s to 0s and then say goodnight not good for us 1s.

WA5NTF: Had a great time working the 13 Colonies stations. Band conditions weren’t the best, but stayed with it until I got all 13 stations and worked a few a second time near the end to thank them for their efforts. As I said all the 13 colony stations came in fine, so just wonder why I couldn’t hear WM3PEN. I guess the band gods were not favoring Pa to Tx when I was listening! LOL. Thanks again to all ops that were manning the special event stations and looking forward to next year. 73

KQ4MM: Same here, first time doing this event as well. Been gone a long time (25 years) and getting back on now and this was the first event I worked since back. It was a blast. And special thanks to Paul – NN4F/K2L Manager. So sorry that some folks were rude, People need to remember that this is a volunteer effort by these people and that the work load is incredible after the event is over. Big thanks Paul and the other clubs and folks for taking the time to make this event so successful. Cheers

We are already planning and looking forward to next year’s event!

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