Solar Power Set Up for Field Day

I’m really am looking forward to my 1st field day as well as generator/solar chairmen with the club. So far I have 1 set of two 10 watt solar panels framed with some scrap sections of 2×4 and reused wood screws in indirect light voltage is 12.9. In direct sunlight, the voltage is 19.9 or just under 20 volts once I complete framing up the 2 other 10 watt panels and rewire/shrink tube all the wiring connected to a 30 amp charger controller to 1 or 2 12 volt batteries it should work well. I did some testing last fall with only 2 of the 10-watt panels on an older 12 die-hard 12-volt battery results were better than expected but when connected to a new battery. I expect a better result and attached to controllers batteries power output will be a push pull connection with a 6 pin HF radio cord once I clamp on the connectors on the power cord so I can set up and test it at home on my HF station I will post an update or possibly a video or show it at next club meeting or a tech night.null

Solar Power Voltage
Solar Voltage

73’s from Matt N1ZGN

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