Armed Forces Day Crossband Test 2017

This year Armed Forces Day is May 20th. The Armed Forces Day Crossband Test is scheduled for 2017 as announced by ARRL bulletin…

and U.S. Army MARS:

Full announcement here:

I always enjoy this operating event. The stations are very good at sending their QSL cards. The gives one the opportunity to QSO entities such as The Pentagon, The USS Midway, The USS Yorktown, The US Naval Academy, and Schofield Barracks Hawaii where the 1953 Movie, “From Here To Eternity,” winner of 12 Oscars, was filmed.

The PDF listing is quite unwieldy, so I always make my own spreadsheet. I like to program the 50+ frequencies in my transceiver memory banks, so it’s easy to quickly scan them in the receiver. So the spreadsheet is listed by frequency, then operating hours. This makes it fairly easy to snag QSOs. (I notice each year there are fewer and fewer stations operating CW).

24803.513/15z-24zUSBNEPMCA Los Angeles USS Iowa
2478213/12z-14/04zUSB/CWNWVCIN Evansville LST-238
2476013/12z-24zUSB/CWWARDC Pentagon WashingtonDC
22924.513/14z-14/0030zUSBNMC3CA Alameda Coast Guard Island
2099713/13z-14/02zUSBALTTX Camp Mabry
2099713/15z-14/05zUSBNIIWCA San Diego USS Midway
2099713/16z-23zUSBABHHI Schofield Barracks
2099413/13z-14/02zUSB/CWNSSMD Annapolis US Naval Academy
2099413/15z-14/01zUSBADBOkinawa Camp Foster
20973.513/13z-15/02zUSB/CWWUG-5TN Army Corps of Engineers
2094013/12z-14/0030zUSBNWKJSC Charleston USS Yorktown
2092013/13z-14/01zUSBAACKY Barrow Army Reserve Ctr
2074013/12z-24zUSBAIRDC Andrews AFB
19221.613/14z-14/0030zUSBNMNVA Camslant Chesapeake
1829313/13z-15/02zUSB/CWWUG-2TN Army Corps of Engineers
1829313/13z-14/02zUSBALTTX Camp Mabry
1827213/12z-14/0030zUSBNWKJSC Charleston USS Yorktown
1827213/16z-23zUSBABHHI Schofield Barracks
1821113/12z-24zUSB/CWWARDC Pentagon WashingtonDC
1821113/15z-14/05zUSBNIIWCA San Diego USS Midway
18211.013 15z-24zUSBAAZAZ Ft.Huachuca
1754513/13z-14/02zUSB/CWNSSMD Annapolis US Naval Academy
1754513/15z-14/01zUSBADBOkinawa Camp Foster
1580713/12z-24zUSBAIRDC Andrews AFB
15740.513/14z-14/0030zUSBNMC2CA Alameda Coast Guard Island
14663.513/12z-14/0030zUSBNWKJSC Charleston USS Yorktown
14512.513 15z-24zUSBAAZAZ Ft.Huachuca
14512.513/13z-14/02zUSBALTTX Camp Mabry
1448713/13z-14/02zUSB/CWNSSMD Annapolis US Naval Academy
1448713/15z-14/01zUSBADBOkinawa Camp Foster
14463.513/15z-24zUSBNEPMCA Los Angeles USS Iowa
14459.613/14z-14/0030zUSBNMNVA Camslant Chesapeake
14441.513/15z-14/05zUSBNIIWCA San Diego USS Midway
14438.513/16z-23zUSBABHHI Schofield Barracks
1441113/16z-23zUSBAGA9TRCA Travis AFB
1399313/12z-24zUSBAGA2SYNY Hancock Field
1397413/12z-14/04zUSB/CWNWVCIN Evansville LST-237
13963.513/12z-24zUSB/CWWARDC Pentagon WashingtonDC
13963.513/13z-14/01zUSBAACKY Barrow Army Reserve Ctr
13910.513/13z-15/02zUSB/CWWUG-2TN Army Corps of Engineers
11438.513 15z-24zUSBAAZAZ Ft.Huachuca
791513/16z-23zUSBAGA9TRCA Travis AFB
754513/16z-23zUSBAGA5SCIL Scott AFB
754213/14z-14/0030zUSBNMC1CA Alameda Coast Guard Island
754013/12z-24zUSBAGA2SYNY Hancock Field
7533.513/13z-14/02zUSB/CWNSSMD Annapolis US Naval Academy
7528.613/14z-14/0030zUSBNMNVA Camslant Chesapeake
736013/12z-14/0030zUSBNWKJSC Charleston USS Yorktown
736013/13z-14/01zUSBAACKY Barrow Army Reserve Ctr
736013/15z-14/05zUSBNIIWCA San Diego USS Midway
730513/12z-24zUSBAIRDC Andrews AFB
691313/12z-14/04zUSB/CWNWVCIN Evansville LST-236
6903.513/15z-24zUSBNEPMCA Los Angeles USS Iowa
5403.513/13z-15/02zUSBWUG-2TN Army Corps of Engineers
535713/12z-24zUSB/CWWARDC Pentagon WashingtonDC
535713/13z-14/02zUSBALTTX Camp Mabry
535713/16z-23zUSBABHHI Schofield Barracks
5346.513/13z-14/01zUSBAACKY Barrow Army Reserve Ctr
5330.513 15z-24zUSBAAZAZ Ft.Huachuca
487213/16z-23zUSBAGA5SCIL Scott AFB
457513/12z-24zUSBAGA2SYNY Hancock Field
457513/16z-23zUSBAGA9TRCA Travis AFB
451713/12z-24zUSBAIRDC Andrews AFB
4043.513/15z-24zUSBNEPMCA Los Angeles USS Iowa
4038.513/13z-14/02zUSB/CWNSSMD Annapolis US Naval Academy
400713/12z-14/04zUSB/CWNWVCIN Evansville LST-235
4003.513/15z-14/05zUSBNIIWCA San Diego USS Midway
400013/12z-14/0030zUSBNWKJSC Charleston USS Yorktown
330813/16z-23zUSBAGA5SCIL Scott AFB

It might be easier to download and print out the spreadsheet!

Armed Forces Day QSL Cards 2017-05 Armed Forces Day


Layne, AE1N

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