Obama Morse Code

Morse Code Goes To Video

MORSE CODE GOES TO VIDEO – compiled by Layne AE1N

Apple uses Morse code flashing light in Obama Interview – BUY IPAD

Donald Duck cartoon: Spirit of ‘43. Cartoon stars Donald Duck – war propaganda cartoon encouraging citizens to pay their taxes when due – Donald gets his pay & is torn between paying his taxes & going to a barroom with swastika shaped swinging wooden doors; he punches the bad guy who slams through the swastika doors & wooden pieces fall into the shape of a “V” (for Victory) with 4 chunks of wood dropping underneath as dit dit dit dah

During World War II, radio transmissions by the BBC started with the first four tones of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, denoting “V” for “Victory”.

For Your Eyes Only: James Bond Movie – Morse clearly heard from the electronic surveillance ship ‘St. Georges’ radio room before an old WWII sea mine hits it & the ship goes down.

In the film Star Trek V, Mr. Scott uses Morse code to inform Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy, who are locked in the brig, that he’s about to blow out the wall with explosives by tapping out the message “Stand Back”.

In the movie Independence Day, amateur radio operators are shown using CW Morse code transmissions to communicate with other continents on the strategy for killing the alien invaders. The invaders were oblivious to the simple dot and dash encoding of the Morse Code. (As in many movies and television programs, the operators showed poor keying technique: they were tapping the tops of their keys, whereas correct technique is to maintain a three-fingered grip on both sides and the top of the key.).

In the Star Trek Voyager episode titled The 37’s the crew beams aboard a 1930’s era Ford truck they find floating in space in the Delta Quadrant. While studying the truck in a cargo bay, the crew finds a radio which is receiving Morse code signals from an alien planet.

Kurt Russell’s Executive Decision the hero signifies he’s still alive on the aircraft by rewiring the plane’s tail lights to send a message in Morse code.

Leon’s Furniture Commercial 1997.

Mickey Mouse. Cartoon Titled: Mickey’s Garden (1935) – he uses call sign W60PU as part of plot & is on his QSL cards. UPDATE: Mickey is working in his garden, which is overrun with bugs; the scene in which the morse code appears is one bug transmitting the signal to attack to all the other bugs – actual code is “CQ CQ OK GA OK GA”.

Morse Code “CQ” on Star Trek The Space Seed.

Morse Code in 1933 King Kong Movie.

Morse code in the Movie Mission Impossible.

S.O.S. Soap Pads commercial 1996.

Stooge Slapstick Savvy: How not to pass your Morse code exam.

The BBC television series Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em features a piccolo duet title sequence melody spelling out the title in Morse (although I have a hard time copying the message).

The BBC theme also highlights the opening sequences of the film The Longest Day

The Morse code during the Jericho television series title sequence spells out different messages in each episode.


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