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‘Frequency’ Is About To Be The Best Show on The CW

‘Frequency’ is about to be the best show on The CW

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The CW upfront blessed us with news about all our favorite superheroes, vampires, and crazy exes, but it also turned us onto what is likely to be the next big success for the genre network.

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“Frequency” will follow “Arrow” on Wednesdays next fall, and while time-travel seems to be taking over TV these days, we’re going to wager that where others will fail, “Frequency” will hit the bullseye.
Set in the current year of 2016, Detective Raimy Sullivan (Peyton List) finds herself somehow able to communicate via a ham radio with her long dead father, who is speaking to her from the year 1996. Raimy takes the bizarre opportunity to warn her father of his impending death, saving his life and changing her own history.
Unfortunately, as fellow time-traveling show “12 Monkeys” would put it, “mother nature doesn’t like it when you rearrange her furniture,” and Raimy’s life slowly begins to unravel thanks to her meddling.

The trailer already hints at a fast-paced and well-executed series, and “Frequency” is bound to be a hit for a few reasons.
First, it draws from some pretty epic source material. The series is actually adapted from the 2000 film of the same name, which starred Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel, which was a modest success. Chances are good that fans of the original movie will tune in to check out this new retelling.

Peyton List In Frequency TV Show

It also has taken a more progressive route, turning the movie’s male lead, John Sullivan, into a female lead, Raimy. Female driven dramas are a hot commodity these days, and The CW is capitalizing on the success a female-lead genre show can bring.

Mekhi Phifer Riley Smith in Frequency TV Show

Finally, among a host of shows that are making time-travel into a gimmick — and a poorly executed one at that — “Frequency” is shaking things up. We might not witness anyone punch Hitler or visit Ancient Egypt, but we’re going to see something even better.
This show’s premise implements the “alternate reality” theory of time-travel, which suggests that the past can be changed, creating a timeline of entirely new events. However, unlike the other time-traveling dramas coming to TV in the fall, “Frequency” takes a more layered perspective on the ethics and consequences of meddling with time. It raises a very important question: Is the past better left alone?


“Frequency” will premiere this Wednesday, October 5th, and every Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.  In the Boston Area that is Channel 56.

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