Morse Code Bracelet

Morse Code and other CW oddities


Capitol Records Morse Code

The blinking light atop the Capitol Records tower spells out the word HOLLYWOOD in Morse code? It’s done so ever since the building opened in 1956…

Little House Morse Code

Look in the little “house” at the bottom of the flagpole – you can see a light. It was designed by Yoko Ono and is continuously sending out a Morse code message across the English Channel to France and is saying Earth Peace. It’s a memorial to everyone who has died for peace.

India Morse Code Training

In India in the Seventies, telegraphists had nine months of rigorous training in Morse code and teleprinter.

Morse Code Illusion

Ode to Samuel Morse: Each tight sequence of “dots” and “dashes” is a character of International Morse Code. Early in his life, its originator (Samuel F. B. Morse) was a respected New England portrait painter. One may wonder what he would have thought of
this portrait in which he unwittingly collaborated…
Morse Code Illusion Detail

Morse- Code Bracelet

Morse Code Bracelet. A future Doctor says, “So happy with my new Morse Code bracelet that says ‘persevere’. Sometimes I need reminding and I often forget to just be calm and tackle things day by day. If I’ve managed to persevere with getting into medicine then I can do it with other things too.”

Layne, AE1N

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